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Onboarding automates the routine tasks of bringing new employees into your organization. It also improves the new hire experience and reduces costs by allowing Human Resource professionals to initiate, complete, and manage tasks online.

This help file contains procedures, field definitions, and conceptual information designed to assist client administrators, onboarding managers, and internal task owners.

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Onboarding is comprised of two separate sites, the Onboarding application and the New Hire Portal, that work together to facilitate the process of bringing newly hired employees into your organization.

The Onboarding Application

Onboarding enables a more simplified approach to managing the daily activities of both employees and HR staff. From the perspective of a Human Resource professional, tasks associated with new or existing employees such as the completion of federal and state tax forms, and insurance information, are facilitated by the task scheduling found within Onboarding.

The collective group of tasks associated with bringing a new employee into your organization are referred to as an engagement. Engagements are created automatically from the Recruiting Portal when a new hire is moved into a workflow folder that has defined onboarding triggers. Once the new hire is moved to the designated folder, a series of events occurs. The engagement is created in Onboarding, the tasks are assigned, and email notifications are sent to the new hire as well as to internal task owners whose tasks set to begin immediately.

New Hire Portal

New employees or employee transfers can use the New Hire Portal as a tool to quickly introduce themselves into the company culture by providing resources such as orientation information, readily-available forms, and links to company events and meetings.

When an engagement is created for a new hire, an email is sent to the newly hired candidate with login credentials to access the New Hire Portal. When the new hire logs into the portal, the tasks that are set to begin are listed. The new hire should complete and submit all tasks according to the task's instructions. Information from the new hire can populate the Onboarding database, and PDF forms completed by the new hire can be returned to the onboarding manager.

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